Sunny Strolls & Pudding Cafes…

Yesterday, myself and 2 two of my friends, Emi and Livvy, hopped on a train (after running down the stairs and making it on with a few second to spare) to the beautiful St. Albans.

The original plan was to head to Brighton for the day, but after many of my friendship group not being able to come anymore and money really needing to be saved we decided to head to St Albans instead, saving us from the 2 hour train journey it takes us to get to Brighton.

Although we now weren’t heading that far away now, we still decided to get up early and ended up getting there at the crazy early time of around 10:30. For months now, I’ve still been in bed at that time in the morning but there’s something about actually being up and about in the morning that makes you feel super productive although we weren’t heading into town for any particular reason.


Outfit- Top: H&M Skirt: New Look Sandals: New Look Bag: Kate Spade Sunglasses: Accessorize

After we walked for what felt like forever from the station to the town centre, we had a look around the shops, I was actually on the look out for a pair of sunglasses but it seems because summer is basically over all the shops had hardly any glasses at all. Am I the only one who wears sunglasses in Autumn/ Winter?

As we were up so early, (I woke up at 7:00 because it takes me so bloomn’ long to get ready because I’m lazy) we headed to M&S to get some food for our picnic in the park. The plan was to go to Verulamium Park to have our picnic but after trying to follow the directions on iPhone, we ended up stumbling upon the Cathedral and the park land next to it, as well as the perfect place for an outfit photo for the blog & Insta, as you can see above! We decided to ditch the 25 minute walk in the heat to the other park and set up our picnic under a tree next to the cathedral and another old building which you can see in the picture below, if anyone knows what it is, let me know.!

IMG_2815 IMG_2816

After a few hours of sunbathing and munching on veggie crisps and cookies, we decided to walk round the cathedral and back into the town to a cafe we saw earlier in the day called The Pudding Stop. If you are going to take anything from this post, if you are ever in St. Albans, you MUST go to The Pudding Stop. Essentially it’s a really cool bakery with a cafe attached where the menu is just puddings. I feel as if I’ve been looking for a place like this my whole life because I have an hugeeee sweet tooth. The menu went from brunch puddings to dinner puddings, with options for those who are gluten free and nut free, which was perfect for my friend Emi, and the ladies in there were extremely helpful in making sure she was catered for. I opted for an eaton mess Sunday, Emi went for a gluten free brownie and ice-cream and Livvy just had a drink because she’s as much of a sweet lover as myself and Emi. Although I’m a sweet lover, the Sunday wasn’t too big and the perfect size for a pudding which meant I was able to eat every last spoonful.



After we had finished at The Pudding Stop, we had another wonder around the various shops with my only purchases being a book from Waterstones and then a pink elephant toy for my puppy from TKMaxx and not actually the sunglasses I intended to get.

By this time we were sleepy from the heat, slightly more tanned and had just about enough energy left to do the walk back to the train station, where once again we just about made it onto a train just before peak time because it was delayed. Considering I’m becoming a commuter into London from tomorrow, I need to get better at the whole train times thing!


I couldn’t eat my pudding unless I took a picture & a snapchat could I?!

Until next time,

Maisie x

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