Today I’m Pinning…

I’m currently writing this whilst I’m 1) still feeling a little but sick, probably because I ate a shit load of ice-cream after a few days of not really eating anything, and 2) for some reason I am ridiculously tired. So what I’m trying to get at is that if this makes sense and isn’t very good then that’s my excuse!

If I was asked what app is my favourite, I would 100% say Pinterest despite the fact I’ve only really got into it in the past 2 years through my fashion course. I have over 1K pins from hair to interior to even a wedding board. (It’s okay, my boyfriend knows about it!) I feel it’s got to the point where I could design my own house and get start planning my wedding tomorrow! Therefore I thought because I use it so often to inspire my life (or pretend life) I would share on here what pins I’m currently loving and inspired by.

New Hair! 

Great color and cut:  Pinterest: @ blvckswede:  Tousled waves.:

As you are reading this I’m having my hair lobbed off and my hair colour refreshed. I have naturally curly and highlighted hair that sits half way down my chest but I hate it, it drowns me and I feel is such a large factor for people thinking I’m 12. On top of that, I had a super bad colouring of my hair before Christmas where they put effectively put white streaks in my hair when I asked for the colour of the hair on the left picture, so hopefully, this time, I can have my hair done how I want. So with this in mind, I’ve pinned some beautiful lobs and colour that I took to my hairdresser.

Interior Inspo (As per)

pinterest//mylittlejourney ☼ ☾♡:   :  A Tour Of My Apartment. - KATE LA VIE:

This is the board I am most proud of, has the most pins and I think the most people following it. Although I know I’m not going to be designing the interior of my own place anytime soon, a girl can dream, right? At the moment I’m lusting over pink details! I’m really into colour but with minimalist features. I also love walls full of prints, and coffee tables with plants and books.

Places to Travel to

 The Northern Lights are an incredible product from nature (much like UNREAL candy) - everyone should experience them in real life!:  Can't wait to see this exact view sometime soon... Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia:

In the next year, I really want to travel, I will be working a lot more and will be meeting loads of new people and I just want to grow up and explore. I’ve had this board for a while but now I’m properly using it to create a board full of the places I want to visit, from Europe to Australia, I want to see it all!

Style Stalks 

LA COOL & CHIC:  Drew bag. @thecoveteur:

I have a list of clothes and accessories I would be straight to buy when I’m in the position to buy extravagant things which is what the majority of this Pinterest board is for. At the moment I’m loving white shirt styling and the Chloe Drew bag. Of course white shirt styling is more attainable because white shirts don’t cost thousands of pounds, unlike that bloody beautiful and pretty impractical bag.

If you wish to follow me on Pinterest then you can find me here! (Go on, you know you want a stalk of that wedding board.)

Until next time,

Maisie x

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