My Time Hasn’t Come Yet… But I’m okay with that.

 Although I started this blog again to be real & write what I actually wanted, I failed. I felt I still needed to into an aesthetic, have nice clothes, bake arty cake, talk about lipstick swatches. I love fashion, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t have the money for loads of clothes or have the confidence to have multiple posey photos taken of myself and I really don’t care enough about baking or makeup. So I’m just going to write and be honest from now on, and maybe Maisie will be cool one day, who knows. Okay, end of the standard beginning of post mumble!

This post came from a tweet I saw earlier and the fact that I’ve been off from a stomach bug so I’ve had a long time to think. The tweet, by a lovely blogger Beth (@BethEveline), said ‘Do you ever feel like everyone is doing so well and achieving everything, and you’re just.. Meh. 😒’. Firstly, she has and is still achieving amazing things so I was like ‘no way! Not true!’ But despite that, I guess that’s how I’ve felt for a while now, that my time hasn’t come yet. For years now that idea would have upset me, even made me cry but today I’m okay the fact my time hasn’t come yet.

I guess the reason I feel this way is that what is next in my life just seems right. If I’m honest I was never happy at sixth form, I felt everyone was moving around me making achievements, moving on, and I was stuck. (I can write a pretty honest account of my sixth form experience if anyone is interested?) But for the first time in 2 years, I feel things are moving on and I’m getting the chance to grow, so therefore, I feel like my time is coming and I’m excited about that. That’s the reason I’m okay right now with not feeling like I’ve achieved sensationally, I mean I know I have achieved, I’ve completed GCSEs and A-Levels, I have a gorg boyfriend, an equally gorg puppy and I’ve passed my driving test recently. But my time isn’t yet. I can feel it.

In the next year I decided not to go to uni and instead go to a specialist college to study fashion marketing, I’m going to be travelling to London and hopefully a few different places around the world. I feel what is coming up is what is going to make me, me again, it’s going to be the time I talk about and I can put school behind me because really my time hasn’t come because I’m only 18. I have plenty more years and opportunities for my time to come.

I guess I wrote this because a few years ago the thought that I wasn’t achieving compared to others would have made me cry to sleep at night, but really we all achieve little things all through our life, and big achievements can happen at 15 or 65. So if you feel like your time hasn’t come yet, be okay with it, keep an open mind, work hard, follow your dreams, be adventurous and just like me, your time will come. If our time came so early, then the rest of our life will be boring I guess.

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and enjoyed my poorly day thoughts!

If anyone is reading this as I know I’m still new, let me know your little or huge achievements, because I think it’s also important to be proud of yourself.

Until next time.

Maisie X

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