Fashion Loves & Loathes.


It’s finally time for my first fashion post beside my work, on She Wears Stripes, and for my first post I have decided to pick my fashion Loves and fashion Loathes of the past few weeks in order for those reading gets a further sense of me and my opinions on fashion. If you like this concept, let me know and I can make this a regular feature on my blog.

It’s always better to start on a positive right? So first up my fashion loves:



kate spade 1

This might come across as extremely random but marketing campaigns are my thing so I’m always on the look out for ones I love! A few years back I stumbled across the brand Kate Spade on Pinterest whilst looking at advertising campaigns and I was completely sucked in by the brand. If I’m honest I find a lot of advertisements from magazines to Instagram posts very samey and quite boring, suggesting high fashion can’t be relatable, and it has to be very serious and polished. Although Kate Spade is a high-end brand it’s campaigns are very different, they are bright, engaging and interesting, creating stories behind their collections. The brand, although expensive, seems a lot more attainable to normal girls looking for a designer bag and not like you have to be part of an elite club. I own one bag from Kate Spade which I received for my 18th birthday but I lust over so many items on the website regularly.

kate spade 2

I personally hate the term ‘real women’ because all models are real however normal they look, what makes a real women campaign is a woman’s story and a sense of personality which many fashion brands neglect when trying to create a relatable campaign from high street to high end. The concept behind #MISSADVENTURE features a group of women in New York, the home of Kate Spade, from real models to bloggers to represent a different part of the collection such as Karley Sciortino representing accessories. Each woman comes with a little description about herself, I’m not sure why I really like this but I feel due to this feature it makes the brand a lot more relatable as the women are not just an unidentified model, they bring a personality to Kate Spade. This campaign also ran across their Instagram through little videos of women basically having a chat which I thought was really interesting, as to be honest I find  a lot of fashion film quite boring but these were really charming, making me long for summer! I can ramble on and on but if you want to read about the women in the campaign and shop the collection, I will link it here.


This a new discovery on YouTube after Sammi Maria mentioned it during one of her favourites videos and now is my go to watching when doing my make-up. It’s a channel that aims to empower people to accept and express themselves. The series of theirs which I am currently loving is the ‘What’s Underneath Project’, in which they ask extremely stylish and interesting people to talk about themselves and how their experiences have not only affected their style but the person they are now, whilst taking off their clothes in order to represent how style is more than just our clothes. I think the reason I enjoy it so much is that I love stories and the stories shared on this channel are inspiring and leave you thinking. If this sounds like something you would find interesting I would 100% recommend you go and check it out, I’ll link the channel here.)

Sophia Webster

As you will know already from this post I’m a huge fan of high fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a bit of fun in its style and advertising. Sophia Webster, like Kate Spade, is another of my current high-end brand obsessions as well as Sophia Webster herself. Her shoe collections are just so beautiful and so fun but unlike Kate Spade, I currently do not own any Sophia Webster’s, but they are top of my fantasy shopping list.The main shoes I’m lusting over are the Lilico Swing-backs (I will wear these shoes on my wedding day), The Amanda Gem (they are stripe, of course I would go for those- but unfortunately they are sold out in the sale so I’m praying they will restock one day) and at least one pair of the Angel Wings. One day I would also love to work for Sophia Webster in their marketing department.

And now time for the not so goods. (Obviously, these are just my opinions and you don’t have to agree with me, so please don’t take offense!)


Shopping on the high street

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve become super lazy or I’m not feeling very inspired by fashion at the moment, but I’m really not a fan of shopping on the high street or in shopping centres. I find the shops are too busy and seem to spend ages looking round the shop to just come out with nothing. When I do find something, I find trying stuff on a hassle and then find a lot of stuff isn’t for me so that’s more time wasted! Finally, when did the high street get so expensive? I think it’s because I studied construction of garments and fabric that I can tell if a product is made well and worth the money, and in a lot of cases it isn’t. Sorry Topshop but that t-shirt is not worth £25. I’m 100% an antisocial online shopping girl, I just wish next day delivery was free!

Pretentious fashion Instagrammers!!!

I can not deal with people who take Instagram so seriously, I say post pictures you are proud of, scrap a theme, post at any time of the day, and why not post multiple times in a row?! People who are interested in fashion just seem so two dimensional, and pretentious, and I don’t think they realise that if they post a picture, delete it after 3 minutes and then repost later, I see it. It’s quite funny really.

Strapless Bras

 Summer means off the shoulder and strappy tops and that means the dreaded strapless bra. Honestly, I wish I could go braless but you know there’s the whole nips thing and my boobs don’t seem to want friends if you get my gist? No more explanation needed I don’t think.

And that is all my fashion loves and loathes of the past few weeks, let me know in the comments your thoughts on my choices and what yours are too!

Until next time,

Maisie x

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